Re: failure to commit part of the changes

From: lenka (
Date: Sat Oct 31 2009 - 05:45:51 EDT

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    Od: Bryan Lewis <>
    Predmet: failure to commit part of the changes
    Dátum: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 17:48:33 -0400

    A weird one here... I'm looking for advice on how to debug it. Using
    Cayenne 3.0M6 on Oracle 8 (but for once I don't think Oracle is the

    One operation in our app commits a moderately large set of changes. 26 new
    or modified objects. ONE of the modified objects doesn't get any SQL
    generated and doesn't get written to the database. I've never seen this

    I skimmed through the outstanding Jira list. The discussion of CAY-1008
    says, "Cayenne will not maintain the object graph consistency if there are
    multiple relationships between 2 entities, spanning the same set of joins."
    Could this explain the symptom? If so...

    Should I verify that our model has no redundant relationships? Are there
    any helpful tools for this, other than manually sifting through the
    DataMap? (It's 11,000 lines long.)

    Our model has a lot of reverse relationships that we don't use, left over
    from Cayenne 2. What's the design guideline now? Should we delete all such
    unneeded DbRelationships? Or should we keep them and add matching
    ObjRelationships for all of them? That is, would it be better to let
    Cayenne add runtimeRelationships or to avoid runtimeRelationships?

    I suppose I could step through the Cayenne's traversal of the object graph
    in the debugger, if nobody has any tips.

    Bryan Lewis

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