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From: Mike Schrag (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 10:28:02 EST

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    I'm guessing all of your entries in the update site list are to the
    old site ... Just manually make a new update site that points to and update from
    that. Personally, I would toss my existing wolips plugins and
    features and do a fresh install from nightly, but that's just


    On Feb 1, 2007, at 9:50 AM, Fred Shurtleff wrote:

    > I appreciate the pointer. But this process FAILS no matter which
    > option I use to update the WOLips plugin, because the update
    > routine includes a search for a URL that is defunct
    > ( So the update process aborts.
    > Has anyone performed a successful WOLips update recently?
    > I first tried the FIRST option - 'Search for New Features to
    > Install'(per the tutorial), selected the 'Wolips' (not 'WOLips
    > Stable'), and this fails with a 'Network Failure' message which on
    > digging further cites the above URL (yes .../stable/) as not found.
    > I also tried the SECOND option - 'Search for Updates of Currently
    > Installed Features', and this fails for the same reason when it
    > encounters the WOLips feature to update.
    > As it stands now, Anjo Krank has been sympathetic enough to my
    > plight to put in a piece of code to trap for my error condition;
    > however I am at a loss to be able to avail myself of this new update
    > (build=3801). Can anyone verify being able to update/download build
    > 3801 using Eclipse's Update feature?
    > Many thanks
    > Kieran Kelleher wrote:
    >> Tutorial is here with correct URLs to update site:
    >> +with+Eclipse+Update+Manager
    >> On Jan 31, 2007, at 10:54 AM, Fred Shurtleff wrote:
    >>> I appreciate your insight. And just want to make clear that not
    >>> all my little projects fail using Eclipse. Its something in the
    >>> Practical WebObjects demo imports that get stuck in the 'craw' of
    >>> Eclipse. And it is only these demos that I found have any
    >>> relevance to real-world coding problems. Ergo my interest.
    >>> Now to my next issue - how to get the latest WOLips build? I did
    >>> Help/Software Updates/Manage Config, then select Wolips
    >>> and choose 'Scan for Updates' which yields 'Network
    >>> Connection Failed'. I looked at the Details which says
    >>> '' url '404 Not Found'. Now if
    >>> you attempt to navigate to this URL you will get a redirect to
    >>> mdimension's homepage. So what's going on here - has the update
    >>> site location changed? And not in sink with Eclipse update
    >>> routines? Or is there some other means of getting the latest
    >>> build - 3801?
    >>> With regards
    >>> Anjo Krank wrote:
    >>>> Am 30.01.2007 um 22:57 schrieb Fred Shurtleff:
    >>>>> Not sure what you have in mind when you say "look into the
    >>>>> value of the external build root of your",
    >>>>> but my file does not have an 'external build
    >>>>> root' entry. Perhaps its one of the others?
    >>>> The error in question is that some part of the external build
    >>>> root handling doesn't work. Which, I have no idea, but I added
    >>>> an NPE check around it in 3801. Of course, you may crash 5
    >>>> millisecs later with some different error at which point I'll go
    >>>> to sleep and leave the rest of the garbage to someone else to
    >>>> pick up :)
    >>>> Cheers, Anjo

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