Re: [OT] Merging resources from a .jar

From: Mike Schrag (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2008 - 15:07:42 EST

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    >> My first question is why isn't this just a separate framework that
    >> you depend on?
    > Ask that to the guys behind ReportMill :-) It seems that they
    > resolved this issue in later releases, but at 1000$ each year for
    > support, we don't care.
    >> Does it really have to be embedded in the application like that?
    > Yup :-( Why on Earth they decided to include WO components in a
    > JAR, I don't know :-)
    I'm still not following why you can't 1) just include their jar, or 2)
    unjar their jar and construct a proper framework out of it? Or are
    they doing something particularly crazy in the way these components


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