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From: Mike Schrag (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 12:18:20 EST

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    I can't remember if I posted these or not, but these are the
    instructions I put together at a client's last month:

    1) Create the structure:
    C:\Apple\Local\Library\Frameworks (equivalent to /Library/Frameworks
    on the Mac)
    C:\Apple\Library\Frameworks (equivalent to /System/Library/Frameworks
    on the Mac)

    2) Copy all the frameworks from /System/Library/Frameworks on a Mac
    that are named Java* except for JavaScriptCore and JavaVM to C:\Apple

    3) If you copied a 5.2, you will need to put a Windows License.key in
    JavaWebObjects.framework/Resources. If you copied a 5.3, I think it's
    a universal license key.

    4) Create a file in C:\Documents and Settings\<your
    user>\Library with the contents:
    eclipse.home=C:/Programs Files/eclipse

    5) Install eclipse

    6) Install WOLips nightly from

    That should be it, I think? The things that are problematic right now
    on Windows:
    1) The woproject/*.patternset don't work quite right on Windows. You
    can work around it by converting Components/**/*/etc/** to Components/
    *, same w/ Resources and WebServerResources
    2) Couple images have backgrounds that should not
    3) Outline view in component editor is not right
    4) AutoOpenInBrowser doesn't work unless you override
    Application._isSupportedDevelopmentPlatform to return true

    I THINK that was it, but there might have been a couple other misc


    On Jan 18, 2008, at 12:12 PM, Michael Hast wrote:

    > Hi Mike:
    > That's pretty much it. I followed the steps that were posted before
    > on this list and got Eclipse/WOLips/WebObjects up and running. I
    > have not found a better way nor pitfalls or gotchas. Have fun.
    > Michael.
    > mike deavila wrote:
    >> Hello
    >> I have used WO for years on the both Mac and Windows. Lately i have
    >> only used the Mac., now that Apple does not support Windows. In my
    >> latest project, I am required to use windows. I have searched the
    >> list and someone suggested installing wo5.2 and then copying the
    >> jars from WO5.3.
    >> This does not sound like a very fun thing to do. Has anyone went
    >> through this process? Anyone have any lessons learned, pitfalls,
    >> gotchas, a better way?
    >> Thanks
    >> mike
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