Re: Nightly vs Stable (Was: Entity Modeler Stored Procedure Attribute Error)

From: David LeBer (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 15:17:13 EST

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    On 18-Jan-08, at 3:09 PM, David Holt wrote:

    > I found this in my travels in the waybackmachine yesterday and I
    > thought I would share it with the list. The more things change, the
    > more they stay the same ;-)
    > from the 1997 WO-dev list: WOBuilder: who loves it, who hates it?
    > >Anybody have any hints?
    > Don't use WOBuilder.
    > Use ComponentEditor.
    > On 18-Jan-08, at 9:15 AM, Mike Schrag wrote:
    >>> I assume the stand-alone version is for those not using eclipse.
    >>> What do they use in place of WOBuilder?
    >> I can only assume they beat together rocks and pound on dirt. I
    >> can't even imagine.

    Oh, that's a hoot! Thanks for sharing.

    With a product as old (and with as varied a history) as WO, I'm sure
    it's encountered every scenario at one point or another!


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