wobuild.properties on Windows

From: Bill Michell (bill.michel..bc.co.uk)
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 07:40:32 EST

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    I was just trying to upgrade my ant to 1.7.0 (about time I know).

    I develop on a Windows XP box under Eclipse, and deploy through ant from
    the command line.

    Under ant 1.6.5, my application built fine, but my test suite didn't
    run, using an identical build script, under ant 1.7.0.

    It turns out that the <frameworks> element in my <wopath> definition was
    being tripped up by the file separator in my wobuild.properties file.

    Under Windows, it seems that the correct form for these properties is:
    and similar, rather than D:/Apple.

    I thought ant builds were supposed to be agnostic about these path
    separator issues, but in this case it seems it isn't. It seems possible
    that similar problems are also causing the issues I have been finding
    when running an application in direct connect mode under WOLips with
    some web server resources; recent WOLips builds have been ignoring my
    Inetpub directory, and heading straight to \Library\WebServer\Documents\
    on the current drive.

    I know that there is work in progress on the wobuild.properties file
    anyway - but can you please confirm what the expected content of these
    variables is for the Windows platform, so I know whether to file a bug
    or update all my config files.



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