Re: Entity Modeler: change plist format?

From: Mike Schrag (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2008 - 12:18:03 EST

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    > And what was written as:
    >> primaryKeyAttributes = (
    >> eoid
    >> );
    > is now being written as:
    >> primaryKeyAttributes = (eoid);
    > I feel this is a change to the worse, as the previous format allowed
    > for easy diffing. So, before committing all those changes, I thought
    > I'd ask. :-)
    This "new" format is actually now consistent with EOModeler's format.
    This patch was from the iTunes folks and it basically makes it much
    less traumatic to convert from EOModeler to Entity Modeler because it
    won't completely change your model files when you switch. I agree it
    makes it a little harder to diff, but Eclipse should highlight
    subsections of the line that are different, so you should still be
    able to see the diffs without too much pain.


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