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From: Miguel Arroz (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 12:54:10 EST

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       I'm really anxious for that, I fear everytime I have to redeploy
    because I know I'll waste one hour fighting classpaths. So, please do
    it, ASAP! If it's today, I might have some bug reports (or no-bug
    reports!) for you in the next few days. :)


    Miguel Arroz

    On 2008/01/29, at 17:31, Mike Schrag wrote:

    > I'm contemplating the following:
    > * Leave stable where it is for right now
    > * Stop the nightly updates of "nightly"
    > * Make a new "superunstable" folder that nightly builds build into
    > * Commit the new classpath stuff
    > * Sit back and watch the explosions
    > I believe it is working OK inside of Eclipse (and I have a good
    > handle on fixing anything that comes up), but my big concern is the
    > build.xml files. There were fairly significant changes made, and
    > it's really hard to know what CRAZY stuff people are doing inside
    > their build.xml files, and I'm pretty confident there are going to
    > be problems with it (did I mention I really hate ant?).
    > The complication with this particular change is that there are
    > people still using 4118 on stable, and there are people now using
    > "nightly" as a "stable" for the new Eclipse/Leopard, so we have to
    > have a REAL unstable place so that people who really want to try
    > the broken stuff can do so while not breaking the other people even
    > more in the meantime.
    > Thoughts?
    > ms

    Miguel Arroz

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