"small" CLOB support

From: Andrus Adamchik (andru..bjectstyle.org)
Date: Sun Mar 02 2003 - 16:54:44 EST

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    There has been lots of activity in Cayenne today :-) Here some more info
    to digest...

    Just added support for "small" CLOBs. "Small" means anything the JVM can
    handle in memory without using streams. Streaming access to LOBs will be
    done later.

    Basically right now a String ObjAttribute can be mapped to a CLOB
    DbAttribute, and it will "simply work". I successfully tested it with
    Sybase and Oracle.

    To test if this works with other databases (Postgres?) that support
    large objects in one way or another (so that it makes sense to have
    DbAttributes of type CLOB at all),
    org.objectstyle.cayenne.unittest.XyzDelegate must be implemented as a
    subclass of DatabaseSetupDelegate, with method "supportsLobs" returning
    true. (This is all located in the tests subproject of course).

    If you try it and it DOESN'T work, first place to look is
    org.objectstyle.cayenne.access.types.CharType which has some
    configuration options that control CLOB reading.

    I will be working on the similar BLOB support soon.


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