Re: Tidy up of flattened rels

From: Andrus Adamchik (
Date: Sat Mar 29 2003 - 17:28:18 EST

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    On Saturday, March 29, 2003, at 04:00 AM, Craig Miskell wrote:
    > Turns out that my chosen approach isn't so good afterall.. the
    > "unforseen
    > problem" was that DataContext.objectFromDataRow (ultimately called
    > after
    > fetch has occurred) uses an ObjectId constructed from the DataRow to
    > find
    > the hollow object in the object store. Because the FaultObjectId is
    > something completely different, it doesn't find the hollow object, so
    > creates a new one. Bad karma results.


    I wonder if we can still do something about it. How about
    "objectFromDataRow" will *always* return a fault if an id in question
    is a "FaultObjectId"? Then the object will stay a fault until someone
    accesses its properties. Then DataContext.refetchObject() will be
    invoked, and it should handle building the right query.

    > Looks like it has to be the first option, as the only alternative I can
    > see consists of creating a new query subclass and tweaking
    > ContextSelectObserver to handle that query differently... that strikes
    > me
    > as particularly ugly.

    Yeah, creating specialized queries looks like a bad idea (our current
    FlattenedRelationship*Query always looked a bit of kludge to me, though
    I haven't looked into that in details), besides doing an extra 1..*
    joins is not very exciting either. Oh well ... If the option above
    doesn't work I'd investigate using regular select query with prefetches
    specified, and a specialized Observer, this way we may solve two
    problems at once. Lets discuss this in case if this becomes our last


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