Flattened relationships

From: Jorge Sopena (jsopen..idsa.es)
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 05:20:32 EST

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    I'm having problems in the way to represent a many to many relationship.
    In my DB model I 've got a relation many to many between Company and
    In the DB scjhema, I've got a join table CompanyTelecom with the two PK
    as FK, and an attribute about the MSC (message system center).
    I mean a Company can work with tomany Telecom, and each Telecom can work
    with tomany Company, but in each relationship the MSC may be different, so
    this attribute is in the Join table ComapnyTelecom.
    My problem is how to recover this attribute (MSC) if I create a
    flattened relationship between Company and Telecom in the object model,
    and I eliminate the object CompanyTelecom.

    What should it be the best way to do it?



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