Re: Multiple Questions

From: Elia Morling (
Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 16:55:10 EDT

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    Hi Andrus,

    Thanks for your reply.

    > > 3. Do I need to Generate Database Schema after adding new tables to my
    > > database or is the generation
    > > only needed once?
    > Generally ongoing schema synchronization is a pretty complex task. [snip]
    > So you would have to manually change the DB, and then use the modeler to add/remove
    > mapping objects one by one. We may better automate the last step at
    > some point...

    This scares me quite abit. ;) I'll be going through many changes in my DB before I'm done...

    > > 4. Why is the type of my id column set to Other? It is an integer in
    > > MySQL...
    > Huh? Do you have any details?

    I have a primary key set as an integer. The modeler doesn't seem to recognize it as it sets it's
    type to 'Other'. I can manually change it back to integer in the drop-down list.

    > > 6. Are there any planned features to export data to and from XML?
    > Could you elaborate on that? I was thinking of writing such feature as
    > an example, but I have no use for it myself, so I never got to actually
    > implementing it.

    I have lots of data stored in XML that I would like to import into the database.
    I guess I could write it myself. Just seeing if it was a feature. I think you'll find a
    feature like that in Hibernate and Castor.


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